• Algebra 1, 1A, 1B Class Syllabus

    Instructor: Mr. Anderson

    Phone:   (352) 671 - 4820 ext. 58842

    E-mail:    Fred.Anderson@marion.k12.fl.us

    Website:  www.marion.k12.fl.us/schools/lwh/


    Description: Algebra is a branch of mathematics which focuses on transferring concrete mathematical knowledge to more abstract algebraic generalizations. In this course, you’ll learn to recognize patterns using tables, graphs, and equations. You’ll explore operations on algebraic expressions, and apply mathematical properties to algebraic equations. You’ll apply what you learn to real-world concepts and tasks.


    Evaluation: Homework - 10% 
                            Classwork/ Quizzes - 40%

                            Tests - 50%


    Grade Average: 100% – 90% A

                                   89% – 80% B

                                   79% – 70 % C

                                   69% – 60% D  
                                   Below 59% F


    Late Assignments: Assignments can be turned in late, but only for upto 50% of the total score. The late assignments must be turned in before the test for the current unit. If we are currently in unit 1, and a student has not turned in some assigments from unit 1, this student has until the day of the test on unit 1 to turn in the assignments. If the work is correct, the student will receive a score of 50 for the late assignments. 


    Test corrections: If a student does not like their score on a test, the student has up to 2 weeks from the test date to retake the test and recover up to half of the points they missed on the original test. This means if a student scored a 50 on the original test, this student must communicate with me that they want to take a retake. The student takes the retake and scores a 100. The new grade for that test will be a 75. The score of 75 will replace the old score of 50 in the gradebook. Those 25 points were half of the points missed on the original test. ALL RETAKES MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE SCHOOL!


    Materials:   3-Spiral notebook


                           Paper (preferably College ruled)

                           Folder (to store graded assignments)


    Students are expected to:

    1. Be on time to Class
    2. Come to class prepared and bring all materials needed
    3. NO CELL PHONES OR SMART WATCHES USED IN CLASS ( place in your backpack before entering my class)
    4. Treat everyone in the room with dignity and respect
    5. Complete all assignments on time and turn in all assignments on time
    6. Follow directions the first time they are given
    7. Follow the Marion County Code of Student Conduct
    8. Listen to instruction, participate in class discussions and activities



    Disciplinary actions will be handled according to Lake Weir High/ Marion County Schools Policy



    Never Give Up, Failure is a Pathway to Success

    You Are Awesome!


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