• Students attending school virtually will do so using Microsoft Teams.  While assignments and documents will be posted on my school website, CATS Online students should use Teams as their priority platform in order to attend class, collaborate and chat with the teacher and/or classmates, as well as work on and turn in assignments.  You can utilize the English I and English I Honors sections to view the daily and upcoming agenda.


    Microsoft Teams can be accessed by logging into the Desktop Portal using your school username and password.  Once logged in, choose the Office 365 app, and then click on the icon that says Teams.  From there, you have two options: Get the Windows app or to use the web app.  This is a personal choice - if you choose to get the Windows app, it'll be downloaded to your desktop for easy access.  Be sure to log in using your school email address and password.  Additionally, the app version can be downloaded from the app store of any smartphone.


    Attendance is mandatory for CATS Online students and all students should follow their regular school schedule.  Here at Forest High School, the first bell rings at 8:30 every morning - be sure you are logged into your first period class by 8:35am so you are not counted as absent or late.