• Student Expectations for Virtual Learning

    • Students must be present and logged in by 7:45am Monday-Friday and for all live lessons as scheduled.
    • Students will be expected to have a quiet comfortable place to learn.
    • Students are expected to participate and be engaged in all live lessons and independent activities.
    • Students are responsible for completing all offline lessons for special areas, including art, music, and PE.
    • Students are expected to have easy access to materials needed for each day (paper, pencils, crayons, etc).


    Family Expectations for Virtual Learning

    • Ensure that your child has access to technology and internet daily.
    • Ensure that your child knows or has their username and passwords available.
    • Maintain communication with your child’s teacher.
    • Ensure that your child is appropriately dressed for their virtual learning experience.


    Teacher Expectations for Virtual Learning

    • Provide standards-based, online, live whole-group and small-group lessons
    • Provide differentiated instruction within small-group lessons based on student needs.
    • Take attendance for ALL live lessons throughout the school day.
    • Collect, grade/score student activities and assessments
    • Communicate regularly with parents and families regarding expectations and student progress.

    Together we are LIMITLESS!