Enter the classroom quietly and sit in assigned seat.

    1. Remove and put up earbuds, headphone, and electronic devices before entering room.
    1. Teacher has posted a photo assigned seating chart for students. 
    2. Do not moving to another seat without permission.

     Check the Common Board for daily assignment.

    1. Assignments will be posted on the board or website with learning goals and Objectives. 
    2. Look for and read them when you enter the room.
    3. Do not ask Teacher what we are doing today, this information will be provided once class starts.

     Quiet time for the first 5 to 10 minutes while teacher takes roll.

    1. Teacher takes roll at the beginning of class using the seating chart. While roll is being taken, start you Bell Work assignments.

     Sign in the tardy book & put pass on Teacher’s desk.

    1. You are expected to sign in with your first and last name, date and time you arrive to class after the bell has rang. 
    2. Lake Weir High School Tardy Policy consequences are progressive and as follows: 
    •   1st offence:  Verbal warning 
    •   2nd offence: Written warning 
    •   3rd offence:  Parent Phone Contact 
    •   4th Offence: Referral each time thereafter
    1. Students need be in class on time to ensure they do not miss essential instructions given at the beginning of the lesson and disrupt the learning environment.

     Bathroom Procedures and protocol

    1. NO restroom breaks allowed within the First 10-minutes of and the last 10-minutes of class.
    2. ONE student allowed out for the restroom at a time. Student MUST sign out and sign in with their own pen or pencil.
    3. NO restroom breaks during lecture/teaching time or when guests are present.
    4. Students are NOT allowed to take cell phones or book-bags to the restroom. 
    5. Students are expected to use the restroom between classes. If you must go, you will only allow 5 minutes to return to class. Pick up after yourself before you leave
    1. When the Teacher dismisses you, take all of your belongings, pick up any scrap paper, trash, drink bottles around you, and place it in the trash can before you leave each day.

     If you are absent, it is your responsibility to obtain any missed classwork

    1. Attendance is essential for optimal learning.  Being on time and present in class physically and mentally will be part of your overall grade.  
    2. You may not be excused from my class by another teacher without first seeking my permission.
    3. Students must make arrangements to take quizzes and tests immediately upon returning to school.  It is your responsibility to make these arrangements; I cannot and will not track you down so you can complete missed assignments.  If you do not make-up quizzes/test in a timely manner, you will earn a “zero” on the quiz or test. Remeber to check teams for daily for posted assignments even when absent.