• Flag and Constitution


    Welcome students!

    About the Class:

    History plays a vital role. History creates good citizens because common memories and aspirations are the foundations of patriotism. The understanding of one’s history creates intelligent voters because decisions about current problems can (and should) be based on past knowledge. History teaches us a tolerance of others and develops an appreciation of varied abilities, interests, and backgrounds, so it makes us better neighbors, coworkers, and friends. I ask you to embark on this exploration of the history of our nation with an eager, critical, and open mind, and please remember, this is not a class on the history of America, this is a class on your history, of my history, of our history. Our shared past shapes our present and can help guide us in our future.


    I do not know what fall will look like for this school year, but I can assure you that we will be committed to providing you a safe, thorough, and engaging examination and inquiry of United States History. 

















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