• 2020-2021 Forest High School H.O.P.E/P.E. Syllabus


    Instructor: Coach Jessica Dickson jessica.dickson@marion.k12.fl.us

    Course Overview:

    The purpose of this course is to develop and enhance healthy behaviors that influence lifestyle choices and student health and fitness. Students will combine the learning of principles and background information in a classroom setting with physical application of the knowledge.

    Specific health education topics within this course include, but are not limited to:

    Mental/Social Health

    Physical Activity

    Components of Physical Fitness

    Nutrition and Wellness Planning

    Diseases and Disorders

    Health Advocacy

    Masks are required while in the classroom and when social distancing is not possible. Students may be required to wipe down equipment after use.

    Required Materials: Students are expected to bring the following items to class each day.

    Duo-tang Folder with paper or a Notebook and pen or pencil.

    Classroom Expectations:

    1. Enter the classroom quietly and on time immediately begin any assignments or bell work activity.    
    2. Bring required materials to class every day (notebook, pen, pencil, assignments)
    3. Respect the rights and property of others
    4. Follow directions
    5. Be prepared for class
    6. No cell phones, headphones, make-up, food, drink (except water), or gum in the   classroom or gym unless otherwise instructed by the teacher.
    7. Raise your hand to ask or answer a question.    
    8. When the teacher is speaking, you are not.    
    9. Abide by the rules of the FHS handbook at all times during class

    Students will NOT be required to dress out on activity days.  It is strongly recommended that students wear school appropriate attire that he/she is able to actively participate in on activity days. Tennis shoes will be required to participate in activity.  A student may wear or change into his/her tennis shoes.

    Grading Scale                                  

    90 - 100%        A         

    80 - 89%          B         

    70 - 79%          C         

    60 - 69%          D         

    0 - 59%            F

     Classroom and school conduct will also be monitored and will accompany each letter grade.  The conduct grades are as follows:


     N=Needs Improvement