• Our classroom is set up to allow for student collaboration, so there is a lot of movement and less structure than what your child may be used to.  To ensure every student has the opportunity to learn, our classroom rules are as follows:

    1. Listen and follow instructions;

    2. Raise your hand and receive permission before speaking or leaving your seat when others have the floor;

    3. Respect yourself and others;

    4. Follow all Marion County School Board rules and Lake Weir High School's code of student conduct.


    First offense - verbal warning;

    Second offense - very brief hall meeting to discuss what is going on, because for you to actively prevent others from learning tells me something is happening and I want to help with that if possible;

    Third offense - phone call home after class to get your family's help in finding out what's going on and then figuring out how to work through it;

    Fourth offense - our class must continue learning, so you must leave the classroom.  Don't worry, though, because we will most certainly talk about things somewhere safe after everyone involved has had time to gather themselves.