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    Class dojo is what 4th grade uses for behavior management.  The students can earn dojo points for following rules and directions, helping others, working hard, etc.  They may also lose points when breaking rules like using unkind remarks, not keeping hands to themselves, not following directions, etc.  Each Friday, students can spend their points like cougar cash in the classroom to buy the items below.

    • candy
    • fancy pencils
    • treasure box pass
    • sit with a buddy pass
    • free computer time pass
    • extra recess pass
    • visit to cougar cash store
    • and others

    I often post pictures of projects and fun activities on to Class Dojo, so you can see what your child is doing in school.  You can screenshot these pics for keepsakes for you child.

    I can also send reminders about fieldtrips, picture day, Kona ice, etc.  It's also a great way for you to communicate with me after hours if needed.

    The class dojo app can be loaded on your phone and set to recieve notifications whenever a picture or reminders is added to Dojo.

    You can also open a page that shows you how many points your child has earned/lost and why.  If you have any problems getting logged on, please email me.