Drawing 1

  • Welcome to Drawing 1, the foundational, basic course that builds your skills in Drawing, both Technical and Conceptual. This is an important step in your artistic journey, as we venture forth. It is like the foundation of a house, it needs to be strong and basic in nature, but will help guide you as you continue to grow in many directions!

    We will be using Microsoft Teams, which will be a wonderful, efficient way for us to navigate this course. Click on the link below to find directions for how to find TEAMS.

    How do I find TEAMS?


    Here is a link to MCCA Art Course Outline, to be signed and returned by Parent/Guardian for Extra Credit.

    Page 1- Course Outline MCCA Art

    Page 2- Course Outline MCCA Art


    Here is a link to Sketchbook List/ Syllabus with Project List 1st Semester:

    1st Semester Sketchbook List/ Projects