• Discipline Plan

    Our school wide expectations are called SOAR. Students are to follow these expectations throughout the school. The acronym SOAR stands for the following:

    Strive to do your best

    Obey the rules

    Achieve your goals

    Respect teachers and students

    Students will be rewarded with Eagle Bucks for following the school wide SOAR expectations. They will be allowed to purchase items from the school Eagle Cart with their Eagle Bucks or save for “Golden Ticket” Events.

    Our class rules that help us achieve our SOAR expectations are:

    Work Hard

    Be Kind

    Be Safe

    Be Respectful


    Our class uses classdojo.com to track student behavior. Class Dojo is the fasting growing classroom management system in the country with one in every three teachers implementing the program in their classroom. Research shows that the classic "clip/color chart" is ineffective for collecting student behavior data and unsuccessful to correct or change behavior AND promote positive behaviors.

    Each day, your child will have the opportunity to earn positive & negative points based on his/her behavior. These points will allow them to earn classroom rewards and help determine their overall conduct grade for each quarter.

    My goal is to use Class Dojo to motivate my students to do the "right thing" and reward them for their positive behaviors. It also allows me to know when and why a student may not be making a good choice. It allows me to help the student more efficiently. I am happy to answer any questions about Class Dojo. 

    ClassDojo Messaging allows me to send quick messages straight to your cell phone. I use this for reminders and important updates, so please check the app often (or allow notifications for the app). Sending messages through Class Dojo is by far the best way to contact me, as I frequently see these messages before emails! 

    I will send sign up instructions home with your child’s unique code during the first week of school. Please let me know if you need any help setting up your parent account.