Please read this if you are doing online learning!

  • Hello there! Please read this before you start in my class. 


    So, you chose to go online, eh? Well, things will be different, but I will be there to help you out as best I can during this interesting time in our lives.


    To start, we will be using Microsoft Teams for our lessons online. It is an application that can be found on your portal and gives you access to assignments, video chat, collaboration, notetaking, and so much more! It will take a bit for us to get used to the new technology, but I know most kids these days are pretty tech-savvy and can usually figure it out. 


    Here is a link to show you how you can access teams and join me for class!

    This is a file that gives you some more instructions in case the video is not clear enough. 


    Even though we won't be meeting in the classroom, there are still some rulles and expectations you should follow. So, here are some expectations I will have for you while you are in my online class:

    • Please use respectfull language on comments in Microsoft Teams comments and video chat. 

    • Speaking of chats, please make sure your comments and public chat are focused on world history material. Teams is not a social application like facebook. 

    • If you have a technical problem, try Google first, and then if you can't figure it out then try and contact me. 

    • You will be expected to turn in assignments on time. Contact me if there are special conditions and we can work things out. 

    • Unlike last quarter, the grades you recieve in class will absolutely count, so please take this seriously!

    • If you have any questions, please contact me through email first. Then we can set a time to talk on the phone or in Teams. 

    • If I schedule a metting, please be there on time and mute yourself upon entering so that we aren't disrupting the lesson. 

    • If you have something to say during the video meeting, please press the "Raise Your Hand" button and I will unmute you. 


    That's about it for right now! Please keep an eye on your email and Microsoft Teams for your online needs. Again, I will be here to support you and I am excited to learn some new and creative ways to have you all interact with each other. Let's do our best and have a great year! 


    頑張ってください! (Please, do your best!)


    Mr. Jones