• School During COVID-19


    * We will be sanitizing common areas often

    *Students cannot use the water fountains except to fill up containers, reusable bottles are a must!          

    *Students will not share supplies

    *Snack must be individually wrapped and brought each day

    *No group sharing of foods, which includes birthday treats

    *No visitors or volunteers until further notice



    good morning

    Grab n Go breakfast can be picked up in the cafeteria prior to entering the classroom. 

    Breakfast will be consumed in the classroom and students may enter at 7:45. 




    Face Coverings


    All students must wear a mask to school. Masks will be worn when students cannot be 6 feet apart. The school will provide one face shield to each student and masks will be provided to students without one. Please have your child practice wearing their mask properly.




    Lunch & Snacks



    Students will not be eating in the cafeteria this year. Lunch will be picked up and students will eat in the classroom.



    Please send in 5 individually wrapped snacks each week in a labeled ziplock.

    *No food is allowed for group consumption*