Please read if you are joining me in person this year!

  • This is a short list of expectations for when you are coming to class this year. As you know, things are going to be a bit different due to COVID-19, so I just wanted to review some expectations before we oficially meet.


    • To protect yourselves and others, please keep your masks on as often as you can. 

    • When entering and leaving, please make sure to get 1 squirt of hand sanitizer. 

    • We will have to be separated as per CDC regulations by at least 6 feet in class. Please respect each others' boundaries. 

    •  At the end of class we will have to clean our desks and chairs with paper towels and sanitizer. 


    I know this may seem a bit troublesome and inconvenient, but please keep in mind: the best way to beat COVID-19 is to keep it from spreading. We need to think responsibly as we deal with this pandemic to keep you and your loved ones safe. 


    On another note, here are some needed materials for class:

    • Paper

    • Pencils

    • 1 notebook

    • 2 folders (1 for homework and 1 for classwork)

    • Glue Sticks

    • Colored Pencils or Markers

    • Scissors

    • An open mind!


    In this class there will be some tedious stuff such as lots of reading and writing, but we will also have plenty of opportunities for projects, presentations, and other fun activities! As long as we follow instructions and expectations, we'll have a great year!


    頑張ってください! (Please, do your best!)


    Mr. Jones