• Arrival 

    • Students will report directly to classrooms at 7:45 a.m. 
    • Students should wear mask upon arrival. 
    • Grab and go breakfast will be served in the Eagles Roost until 8:10 a.m.
    • Students will eat breakfast in the classroom.



    • Everyone must wear mask during dismissal. 
    • Dismissal procedures remain the same as last year with the exception of where car riders will be seated. 
    • Rainy Day dismissal- All students remain in classroom until name called over intercom. 


    • K-1st will eat in cafeteria at designated lunch time.  Our lunch will be from 12:05-12:30.
    • Students will walk through lunch line and get a prepackaged lunch; students may also opt to bring lunch from home. 


    • Classes will be assigned a designated area that will rotate each day. 


    • Classes will be held in Special Area classrooms as normal.  

    Health and Safety 

    • Face coverings/shields must be worn when social distancing is not possible. (arrival/dismissal, hallways, using the restroom)
    • Bathroom procedures- Mask must be worn to bathroom 
    • Visitors/Volunteers (for first semester)  Parents, volunteers, and visitors will not be present on campus except by appointment. 
    • No outside food allowed for group consumption. 
    • Water fountains- No drinking from water fountains.  Only refilling of containers permitted.  Students should bring a spill proof water bottle each day.