Meet the Teacher

  • My name is Ms. Steigner and I am excited to be teaching AVID (Achivevement via Individual Determination) to 9th graders and Work Place Essentials to upper classmen.

    The AVID system of work is designed to help students prepare for collegecareer, and life. AVID effects West Port campus by providing classroom activities and teaching practices that improve engagement and success for all students in every classroom. Some student apply to become part of the  AVID Elective course and receive additional academicsocial, and emotional support.

    I will be designing lessons around the five phases of Focused Note-taking, which allows students to refer back to and interact with their notes. Lessons include WICOR strategies which are intentional practices that give students the opportunity to write to learn, use inquiry to learn, collaborate to learn, be organized to learn, and read to learn.  

    AVID promotes a mindset that ALL students can Enroll (into college), Enlist (in the armed forces), or Employ (by technical or trade school).

    We will be working throughout the year to develop your plan for success and life after high school!