• Welcome to Honors World History! Over the course of this year our primary content emphasis will span from the rise of civilizations through  modern day history. This particular course will cover topics from the ancient world through current history. We will study how geography, economics, government, citizenship, leadership, culture, technology and global relations have impacted the different aspects of our society. Students will participate in a more rigorous academic and reflective setting than a standard level high school history course.   The culmination of this course will be an End of Course Exam in May that will provided by the county. This course is a graduation requirement.

                This course is designed to highlight the strengths of each student by acknowledging each student’s different learning styles. The ability to read and write are life skills that when used improves all other academic skills. Reading and writing will be skills utilized every day in our class.

                I will be available for extra help when needed. Please feel free to set up an appointment.

    “It’s our CHOICES that show us what we truly are, far more than our ABILITIES”

    -Albus Dumbledore


    You will find ALL Course materials on our Microsoft Teams Platform*

    *Accessed through your student portal. 

    For the MOST efficient and timely contact please use my district email for all communications. 

    Required Materials:

    -Writing Utensils (pens and pencils)

    -   Loose Leaf Paper

    - 3-ring Binder with pockets

    - Divider tabs 

    -  Highlighters- Yellow, Green, Pink [one of each]