• Summer 2023

    Report cards can be veiwed on skyward.  Grades for classes with EOC (e.g. Algebra 1) could possibly change (grades go up) after we get scores back over the summer.  

    Summer school for credit recovery is now in session. Please call the Guidance office to enroll. 

    I will be on summer break from June 9th to July 17th.  However, a counselor will be available Monday-Thursday during summer to help you. 

    Check out my summer slideshow here for more details. Sophomore Information Summer 2023 


    If you are bored this summer, consider volunteering in your community.  Volunteer experience can help you earn scholarships, future jobs, and college acceptance.  Make sure you log hours on the official form and get the required signatures from the adult supervising you (non-relative). Volunteer log  



    Do you need help with homework or credit recovery at night?

    We are here to support you!  Starting Monday, April 10th, we will offer Night Tutor through Canvas and Microsoft Teams.  Between the hours of 6 and 8 pm, we will have a teacher available to support students with core classes. 

    Here is the schedule:

    Mondays ELA and Reading -6:00 - 8:00 pm

    Tuesdays Math - 6:00 - 8:00 pm

    Wednesday Math & Spanish - 6:00-8:00 pm

    Thursday ELA & Social Studies - 6:00-8:00 pm




    Once you get to the Lake Weir High School Night School Tutoring Canvas course, Click the link to join the Teams meeting.  The teacher will let you join the class.


    We are here for you! Go Canes!




    If you are interested in taking college classes while still in high school, check out the following information. 


    DE presentation



    Check out these great resources for dealing with stress, anxiety, and depressive feelings.  COPING SKILLS TOOLBOX



    SAVE THE DATE!  Please join us February, 21st for Parent Information Night.

    Parent Night Flyer




    January Extended Office Hours 

    I will be hosting extended office hours, Monday, January 23rd from 4pm-6pm. If you would like to make an appointment to come by or chat by phone, please email me kimberly.martin-donald@marion.k12.fl.us   

    January News 

    Dear Parents,
    Report cards went home January 6th. The students can also pull up their grades on skyward, and if you have a parent portal, you can see the grades there as well.  I am mailing letters to parents if their child received a D or F 2nd quarter.    

    We would like to see students earn a C or higher in every class. Students earn ½ credit for each class they pass during the first semester. Students receive no credit for failed courses.  However, first and second semester grades are averaged together. If a student earns a high enough grade in the second semester, he or she could still pass the class for the year and earn full credit. Another option is for students to take PLATO credit recovery before school to repeat failed courses. Students will need to provide their own transportation and arrive by 8:10am. 


    To help students become more successful, we are offering tutoring after school Monday-Thursdays from 3:50-5:00pm. Some bus transportation to hub stops is available. You can sign your child up for tutoring by completing the Student/Parent Tutor Contract form. You can keep up with your child's progress throughout the year by viewing their grades using the parent portal. I encourage you to check their grades weekly if possible. To sign up for the parent portal, please see Mrs. Stuart in the guidance office.


     If you would like to contact any of your child’s teachers, teacher emails are listed on our LWHS website in the Faculty and Staff Director. Please allow teachers 24-48 hours to respond to emails.   https://www.marionschools.net/domain/23410

      If you would like to schedule a parent teacher conference, please call Mrs. Stuart in the guidance office.  


    To be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities like clubs, sports, and school dances, students must have a 2.0 grade point average (a C average). D and F grades place students at risk for falling below a 2.0 and potential loss of credits. To be on track, 9th grade students need to pass all 6 classes and earn all 6 credits this school year.  Please feel free to email or call me at the school if you have any questions or concerns. Together, we can help your child to have a successful 9th grade year.   

    November News

    November is a great time to be thankful.  But you can practice gratitude all year round. Gratitude is taking time to notice and appreciate the good things in your life.  Gratitude can make people happier, increase self-esteem, decrease depression, and help you sleep better.  Try gratitude at meal times, at bedtime, in the morning, or when you feel down or stressed.  You can use a journal, an app on your phone, share with a friend or family member, or just reflect by yourself.  Ask yourself, what blessings do I take for granted?  Who am I thankful for?  Has something good happened to me today?  Give gratitude a try.  



    October News

    We have tutoring Monday-Thursdays 3:50-5:30.  Complete the contract and return to LWHS Tutoring

    The first quarter ends Friday, October 7th.  Report cards will go home Friday, October 14th.  You can view your child's grades at any time through skyward. You can have the student log in to their account or get parent portal access by seeing Mrs. Stuart in the guidance office.  I will be sending home letters soon to any student who received a D or F on their first report card.  The letter looks like this  D F Letter  I will be hosting extended office hours Friday, October 21st from 4-6pm.  You can call me at 671-4822.  

    I am still finishing up Problem Solving Like a Pro classroom guidance in the environmental science classes.  Next month, i will begin lessons on Conflict Resolution.

    I am going to offer a new small group lesson on mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.  We will meet during select cane times/club days.  Interested students can email me for more information.   


    Click here to view the summer 2022 slideshow Summer Information

    Hello Freshmen!

    You can view your upcoming 2022-2023 schedule on Skyward on July 31st.  You may request changes July 31st through August 5th. 

    To request a schedule change, please email me kimberly.martin-donald@marion.k12.fl.us with the following information:  

    Student Name

    Student ID

    Phone number to reach you

    What would you like to discuss about your schedule?  What class do you want to drop?  What class would you like to add?  

    Some requests can not be honored due to graduation requirements, test scores, grades, class size, and other issues or policies.  



    Important Note:

    Communication does not mean your schedule change is approved.  There are class size amendments, teacher qualifications, and graduation requirements that must be met when considering schedule changes.



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