• November News

    November is a great time to be thankful.  But you can practice gratitude all year round. Gratitude is taking time to notice and appreciate the good things in your life.  Gratitude can make people happier, increase self-esteem, decrease depression, and help you sleep better.  Try gratitude at meal times, at bedtime, in the morning, or when you feel down or stressed.  You can use a journal, an app on your phone, share with a friend or family member, or just reflect by yourself.  Ask yourself, what blessings do I take for granted?  Who am I thankful for?  Has something good happened to me today?  Give gratitude a try.  



    October News

    We have tutoring Monday-Thursdays 3:50-5:30.  Complete the contract and return to LWHS Tutoring

    The first quarter ends Friday, October 7th.  Report cards will go home Friday, October 14th.  You can view your child's grades at any time through skyward. You can have the student log in to their account or get parent portal access by seeing Mrs. Stuart in the guidance office.  I will be sending home letters soon to any student who received a D or F on their first report card.  The letter looks like this  D F Letter  I will be hosting extended office hours Friday, October 21st from 4-6pm.  You can call me at 671-4822.  

    I am still finishing up Problem Solving Like a Pro classroom guidance in the environmental science classes.  Next month, i will begin lessons on Conflict Resolution.

    I am going to offer a new small group lesson on mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.  We will meet during select cane times/club days.  Interested students can email me for more information.   


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    Hello Freshmen!

    You can view your upcoming 2022-2023 schedule on Skyward on July 31st.  You may request changes July 31st through August 5th. 

    To request a schedule change, please email me kimberly.martin-donald@marion.k12.fl.us with the following information:  

    Student Name

    Student ID

    Phone number to reach you

    What would you like to discuss about your schedule?  What class do you want to drop?  What class would you like to add?  

    Some requests can not be honored due to graduation requirements, test scores, grades, class size, and other issues or policies.  



    Important Note:

    Communication does not mean your schedule change is approved.  There are class size amendments, teacher qualifications, and graduation requirements that must be met when considering schedule changes.



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