Welcome to Honors Physical Science!


    Honors Physical Science allows 8th grade students the opportunity to earn a high school science credit while still in middle school.

    Honors Physical Science students will be held to higher expectations than students in 8th grade Physical Science, not only in academics, but also in conduct.


  • Physical Science combines the study of topics related to chemistry and physics.   


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     Quarter 1 Topics

    • Nature of Science
    • Experimental Design
    • Scientific Method
    • Properties of Matter
    • Atomic Theory
    • Periodic Table


    Quarter 2 Topics

    • Changes in Matter
    • Physical and Chemical Changes and Properties
    • Density
    • Law of Conservation of Mass
    • Solutions


    Quarter 3 Topics

    • Force and Motion
    • Universal Law of Gravitation
    • Energy
    • Heat
    • Law of Conservation of Energy


    Quarter 4 Topics

    • Types of Waves
    • Properties of Waves
    • Sound and Light Waves
    • Electromagnetic Spectrum