Welcome to English I Honors Online (pds. 1 & 2)

  • Welcome Back... AGAIN!   Pd. 1 is blended online and Pd. 2 is FULLY online 

    VIRTUAL SCHOOL:  Here we go!  

    **** IMPORTANT **** Please view the English I Honors Syllabus and the English I Honors Parent Signature Page.  (You may ignore all details pertaining to face-to-face instruction & Covid specifications) You may fill out the Parent Form digitally in Google Classroom.

    When does class meet?  Whether you are in Period 1 or 2, your class will "meet" at the same time it would as if we were together in person.  So make sure you check in with me EVERY DAY at the beginning of that class time.  ATTENDANCE WILL BE TAKEN.  If you do not check in at the beginning of class you are marked as absent. 

    We will meet in Microsoft Teams (accessible through your desktop).  For the first week or so, everyone will need to be online with me for the entire period.  However, once we get going you may only need to check in with me for attendance and if you have any questions.  We will be doing some group work and research work that may require you work with other students online.  That can happen during our "class period", on your own, just like we'd be doing in the classroom.

    Your assignments, announcements, handouts/forms, etc. will be on Microsoft Teams AND on this website's "Current and Past Assignments" and "Documents & Helps".  When turning in assignments, most will be submitted through Microsoft Teams, however, you may always email them as well (either as a typed-in message or as a photo attachment).  If you miss a due date, the "missing work" note on my syllabus applies and a temporary grade of "0" will be given.

    IMPORTANT:  Unlike last year (Quarter 4), all work will be given normal due dates WHICH MUST BE MET.  You DO NOT have the entire quarter to turn in work!!  This is especially true as this is a high school course.

    MONTHLY OUTSIDE READING:  All students will be participating in monthly Outside Reading based on novels of your choice, and will need to maintain the required assignments.  (see "Documents & Helps")

    Helpful links:

    + Audiobooks:  https://stories.audible.com//discovery

    + Classic books:  http://read.gov/bookd/

    + Read 180 Library:  https://samconnect.scholastic.com/hosted/pages/ZipCodeLocator  

    + OpenLibrary: https://openlibrary.org/collections/k-12 (NOTE: this link requires you create an account, so check with your parents.  There is no fee)