Ms. Michele Retter, MEd.

    Reading Intervention – Bldg 4 Room 209

    671-6290 x 57325





    Classroom Materials

    StudySync Textbook

    StudySync Workbook

    Computer Use Agreement Form (please return with signed page from syllabus)

    Microsoft TEAMS


    Novel Study 

    Novel Study 


    Required Classroom Supplies

    Pencils (at least 2 in hand each day for class)

    Black or Blue Pens  (other colored pens are okay as long as I can read it)

    College Ruled Loose-leaf Paper (college is preferred, wide ruled is accepted)

    2 folders with pockets – all classwork will be kept in here

    1 Spiral Notebook



    Bellwork/Pop Quizzes                                                                                                    10%

    Classwork/Classroom Participation/Vocabulary.com/Review Quizzes                                 50%

    Assessments/Projects                                                                                                     40%


    Classwork is designed to be completed in class.  There is no reason classwork cannot be completed by the end of the period. However, students who do not complete classwork in class are directed to complete it at home as homework due the next school day.  Students are expected to read at least 20 minutes a night.  This is crucial in assisting them with their fluency and comprehension skills.


    Classwork grades:  participating with classroom discussions, completing workbook assignments, completing Vocabulary.com or ReadWorks assignments, completing novel reading and comprehension questions, participating in novel discussions


    Test grades: Novel Chapter Tests, StudySync mid unit and end unit assessments, vocabulary tests, vocabulary.com, projects associated with the StudySync units or the novel, writing assignments, and computer application completion.



    Classroom Expectations

    Students are expected to:

    1              be a positive influence on others

    2              follow classroom rules

    3              come prepared to class daily

    4              complete assignments by their due dates

    5              work to the best of their ability

    6              actively participate in cooperative groups and open classroom discussions


    Failure to comply with classroom rules and procedures may result in disciplinary action. 

    My classroom is a No Bully Zone/Safe Place.  Any indication of such behavior will be dealt with swiftly and proper disciplinary action pursued. 


    What your student can expect from me:

                    I am here to help them increase their reading skills and advance their reading studiesTheir success is directly related to the effort they put in.  I am always available to my students for questions and assistance.  Students can expect a fair and respectful teacher and a fun and engaging classroom.


    Classroom Rules  


    • Show respect for yourself, for others, and for the facilities and equipment we use in the classroom.
    • Listen and follow directions.
    • Raise your hand when you need to speak or need to leave your seat.
    • Clean up after yourself. Put all materials and books back where they belong.
    • Be on time.
    • No spraying of cologne or perfume in classroom or bathroom. *your teacher is allergic and other classmates may be as well.  Per Discipline, an automatic referral will be written for not adhering to this rule.
    • No food, gum or drink allowed in classroom (due to equipment present). Students may keep a water bottle at their assigned table.


    Cell Phones/YouTube/Spotify:  Students are not permitted to be using their phones during school hours for calling, listening to music, texting, taking pictures, videoing etc.  (Marion County School District Policy).  Since we will be utilizing a computer program in this classroom, students will not be permitted to access YouTube or similar websites/programs while working on the computer.  Failure to comply with these rules will result in the following.  1st time – student will receive a warning.  They will get only ONE warning.  2nd time – they will receive a CIR, (told to take their phone to Discipline/lose computer privileges) and a call home.  If they continue to disobey the rules, they will continue to receive a CIR (and be instructed to take the phone to Discipline/ lose computer privileges).  They will receive a referral on the 4th CIR.  They will receive an automatic referral for every infraction after the first referral.  (Cell Phone Usage: District/School Policy – Located in Student Code of Conduct).  There are NO exceptions.


    Substitute Teacher

    I expect my students to act properly when I am out of the classroom.  Students are given instructions and notified (when possible) of a substitute covering class.  Any student who is written up, sent to Student Services or has had Student Services notified of their behavior while I am out will receive an automatic referral on my return.  I give students the opportunity to defend themselves but, if it is found they were in the wrong, the referral stands.  This process is approved by both the Dean of Discipline and Assistant Principal of Behavior at Horizon Academy.


    Tardies and Absences

    Per school policy, students who are tardy to class will receive a classroom warning in the form of a CIR for each tardy.  On the fourth tardy, students will receive a referral.  It is important that students get to class on time.  If your child is absent, any work they missed for the day will be available for them in a holding place on the counter.  It is their responsibility to retrieve the missed work and complete it by the date indicated.  If they do not complete it by the date indicated, they will receive a ZERO for the assignment.  No exceptions.  I give them plenty of time to complete it.  If your child will be on an extended absence, please contact the Attendance Office for a form.



    Students are expected to read 20 minutes a day. Students may read whatever they want.  Additional homework will be given on an as need basis.  Most of the work your child does in Reading is to be completed in class and is monitored to assure they are understanding the material and making progress. Late homework will not be accepted.


    End of Quarter Grades

    I meet with my students one on one just after progress reports to discuss their grades and inform them how they can improve them from Progress Report to Quarter Report Card.   It is their responsibility to take advantage of the opportunity I afford them to bring their grade up.  If they choose not to take advantage of this opportunity, their grade will be posted to the report card as it stands.  There is no option after the quarter is closed to change this.  Students are given ample warning and opportunity.  Failure emails and notices go home two weeks before report cards if the student has not brought their grade up since Progress Report or continues to do poorly.  The Failure Notice is often mailed and will contain a detailed report of what work is missing and what grades are current on turned in work.   


    There is no reason any student should fail this class.  If your child attends school regularly, participates in class, adheres to rules and is respectful, does their work and pays attention, then they will have no problem passing this class.  I encourage you to reach out to me with any concerns or questions you may have and I will do my very best to assist you.  Email is the fastest and easiest way to reach me.  I often cannot return phone calls until after school is over for the day or later in the evening. 


    Want to help your child progress and succeed in Reading?  There is a lot you can do right from home.  Have your child read out loud to you, ask them questions about what they read, have them write a few descriptions or facts about what they read, ask them what they liked or didn’t like about what they read.  In turn read to your child as well.  Let them ask you questions, it helps build their confidence and ability to ask deep thoughted questions about what they read.  Get involved with what your child is doing in reading, what they read for the day, what they learned.  It goes a long way to developing a successful outcome.  Parent -Student-Teacher.


    Please detach, sign and return the below form to Ms. Retter by August 16, 2021.  Students who turn in all paperwork by the 16th (syllabus and Computer Usage Agreement) will receive


    Parents/Guardian Name:  _____________________________________

                                                                      Please Print


    Student’s Name: ____________________________________________

                                                      Please Print


    Working phone number: _______________________________________


    Do you have a working email address? ______________________________@_____________________


    My child has access to the Internet at home   ______ YES     ______ NO


    My child has transportation (if needed) to the Marion Oaks Community Center ______YES  ______NO


    My child has access to a computer, tablet or phone with Internet  ________ YES   ________ NO


    Does your child wear glasses?    __________  YES    ___________ NO


    Does your child have any allergies to food or anything else?


    My child gets to school by:    ______ car ______ walks   _____bus


    My child gets home by:    _____car _____ walks _____bus


    In the following space, please tell me a little about your child:





    What are your wishes for your child in Reading this year?




    In what ways are you willing/able to become involved in helping your child succeed this year?





    By signing this form, I acknowledge I and my child have read and understand the classroom rules and expectations for Ms. Retter’s classroom and will adhere to them for the 2020-2021 school year.


    Student Name (Print):___________________________________________


    Parent/Guardian Name (Print:____________________________________________


    Student Signature:_______________________________________


    Parent/Guardian Signature:______________________________________________