Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • The ASD Endorsement is an add-on Credential for teachers with a bachelor’s or higher degree and certification in any exceptional student education area.        


    Florida Rule, 6A-4.01796 F.A.C. establishes requirements for K-12 teachers, providing services to students who are identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder, to meet the certification requirements for the ASD endorsement. The rule’s requirements for ASD endorsement details the completion of twelve semester hours of college/university courses to include the following:

    1. Nature of autism spectrum disorders (to include student characteristics, appropriate learning goals, teaching approaches, environmental arrangements, etc.);
    2. Use of assistive and instructional technology and natural, alternative, and augmentative communication systems for students with autism spectrum disorders;
    3. Behavior management and positive behavior supports for students with autism spectrum disorders;
    4. Assessment and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders; and,
    5. Field-based experience with students with autism spectrum disorders.


    Options for Receiving the ASD Endorsement


    1. Free to Marion County teachers: Marion County’s ASD Endorsement Plan is available through our local Florida Diagnostic & Learning Resources System (FDLRS) center. Please contact FDLRS/Springs for the latest course schedule.


    3881 NW 155th Street
    Reddick, Florida 32686
    Telephone: (352) 671-6051
    Toll-free: (800) 533-0326


    1. Cost-based: Online and on-campus courses as offered by State-Approved Educator Preparation Programs.


    FDLRS/Springs will automatically communicate with Marion County school district upon completion of course(s); if a teacher elects option 2, it is the responsibility of the teacher to provide course completion documentation to the Marion County School District.


    Upon completion of all required courses, the teacher will need to follow the district procedure for adding the endorsement to the certificate.