Fifth Grade Reflection & Sixth Grade Goal Setting

  • The beginning of the school year is a great time to reflect on our previous learning and set goals for new learning. In this section, we will evaluate our understanding of 5th-grade concepts, look at the blueprint for 6th-grade FSA, and create a SMART Goal for our first 9-weeks learning. 



    Based on a non-standard text identify learning targets and set personal goals for 6th-grade math. 



    1. Take the 5th Grade Reflection Survey. Be sure to read the directions on the survey. 

    2. Read the Grade 6th Mathematics Standards Coverage Table and answer the questions beneath it on your foldable. 

    3. Watch the SMART goal video. Then create a SMART goal for the first 9-weeks on your foldable. 

  • Testing Standards Coverage


    1. What do you notice? (Meaning, what stands out to you as you look at the table?)

    2. What do you wonder? (What questions do you have looking at this table?)

  • SMART Goal:

    For math, your goal can look something like this:

    "I want to be able to _____________ by the end of the first 9-weeks by __________________."