Gifted Endorsement

  • Gifted Endorsement is an add-on Credential for certified teachers.                                                                                                                                                       

    Florida Rule 6A4.01791, F.A.C. establishes requirements for all K-12 teachers providing service to students who are identified as gifted learners, to meet the certification requirements for the grade/course content and have the gifted endorsement. The rule’s requirements for gifted endorsement details the completion of three college/university semester hours each in five courses:


    1. Nature and Needs of Gifted Students to include student characteristics; cognitive, social, and emotional needs; and history and research.
    2. Curriculum and Instructional Strategies for the Gifted to include modification of curriculum content, instructional process, student products, and learning environment.
    3. Guidance and Counseling for the Gifted to include motivation, self-concept, interpersonal skills, and career options for gifted students.
    4. Education of Special Populations of Gifted Students such as minorities, underachievers, handicapped, economically disadvantaged, and ELL, to include student characteristics and programmatic adaptations.
    5. Theory and Development of Creativity to include elements of creativity such as fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration.



    Options for Receiving the Gifted Endorsement

    1. Free to Marion County teachers: Complete Marion County’s Endorsement Plan through our local Florida Diagnostic & Learning Resources System (FDLRS-Springs). Please contact them for a schedule of upcoming courses.


    3881 NW 155th Street
    Reddick, Florida 32686
    Telephone: (352) 671-6051
    Toll-free: (800) 533-0326


    1. Cost-based: State-Approved Educator Preparation Programs through online and on-campus courses.
    2. Cost-based: Online options such as The Schultz Center and Beacon Educator are accepted by Marion County. Please check with Dianna Thompson or Viviana Prieto to confirm the option you are considering.


    FDLRS-Springs will automatically communicate with Marion County school district upon completion of course(s), but if a teacher uses options 2 or 3, it is the responsibility of the teacher to provide course completion documentation to Marion County Public Schools.


    Upon completion of the five courses, the teacher will need to follow district procedure for adding on an endorsement to the certificate.