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    7th Grade Supply list


    7th Grade Supply List 2020-2021

    Dear Parents,

    With the global pandemic occurring, we are trying to keep students’ safety in mind now more than ever. In an effort to limit exposure between students and teachers for the 2020-2021 school year will avoid using shared classroom supplies such as markers, red pens, rulers, etc. Students are expected to keep the supplies listed below in their backpacks and bring them to class every day, and teachers CAN NOT give out supplies.                                                       

    General Supplies

    All classes will expect the following every day (unless otherwise specified)

    ¨ Pencils (No amount is too much)

    ¨ 1 pack wide-ruled paper for each subject (refill throughout year)

    ¨ Blue and black ink pens

    ¨ Corrector pens (red, green, or purple ink pens)

    ¨ Erasers (cap or handheld)

    ¨ Headphones

    ¨ Colored pencils

    ¨ Zipper pencil pouch

    ¨ Ruler

    ¨ Dry Erase Markers (2-3)

    ¨ Multicolored highlighter packs

    ¨ Post-it notes 3x3 (super sticky)

    ¨ Handheld sharpener

    ¨ Sharpie or permanent marker

    ¨ Pocket hand sanitizer

    ¨ Travel-sized tissue packs

    ¨ 3-Ring Binder

    ¨ Glue Sticks

    Class Specific Supplies

    ELA- Clifton, Cart, Chohan

    History- Hillard, Jablonski, Melancon

    Math- Villarreal, Jones


    Science –  Petro, Bellow

    ¨ 1” binder

    ¨ 6-tabbed dividers

    ¨ Composition book

    ¨ 3 ringed pencil pouch (Clifton)

    ¨ 1.5 inch binder with pockets

    ¨ 5-tabbed dividers


    ¨ Dry erase markers and eraser
    ¨ TI-30XA Calculators
    ¨graphing paper


    spiral notebook

    ¨ Tissue box

    ¨ Pencil Erasers


    ¨ composition notebook (not spiral)
    ¨ duo tang folder with pockets ( pink - 4th per, red - 5th per, purple - 6th per)
    ¨ TI-30XA Calculators

    ¨  White board (size of a printer paper)

    Petro -

    ¨  1 subject notebook

    ¨ 2 pocket folder with prongs

    ¨ little post-it sticky tabs


    ¨ 2” binder

    ¨ Dividers

    ¨ One-hole punch



    Art –  

    Health -  

    Reading -

    ¨ Headphones/earbuds

    ¨  Any supplies that you want to use

    ¨ Headphones/



    ¨  Headphones/