• Cell Phone and Electronic Policy

    Students may not be in physical possession (holding it in hand or carrying it on the person) of cell phones or similar electronic devices (ones that directly uses electrical energy to perform a task) within the classroom.  Electronic devices will be turned off or put on "airplane" or "do not disturb" mode and stored in bookbags


    Studies have found that cell phones are a distraction to all members of the class and that cell phones imped the teaching-learning process.  Scientists have determined that electronic devices erode a person's ability to concentrate. Your ability to focus is highly correlated with your educational success.


     Consider the following points:

    1. The subject matter of the course (Environmental Science and especially Biology) is difficult to master and will require your undivided attention if you are to succeed. Otherwise, you are wasting your time here: you will end up lowering your GPA and not gaining your required credit for graduation.
    2. Much research demonstrates that student learning is negatively impacted by distractions. Banning cell phones in class will allow you to learn more in less time by allowing you to efficiently use your cognitive functions.
    3. The use of cell phones in class is disrespectful to both the instructor and to your classmates who are distracted by the sights and sounds of you on your phone. Remember, respect is a two-way street.


    Let this class be an oasis from your device (many students report feeling addicted to their cell phones). If you would like to understand one of the main reasons I have chosen this cell phone policy, please google and read: “Age of Distraction: Why It’s Crucial for Students to Learn to Focus.”