Biology Apps

  • Follow this PDF for a "Back door" to your biology textbook:  Backdoor to eText


    Download these free apps from the app store on your cell phone:

    Microsoft Teams



    Adobe Fill & Sign  An app to scan and fill PDF's, Adobe fill and Scan, Camscanner, or PDF editor for Chrome (extension) or any of your choice.


    QR Scanner Choose a free QR Scanner app and add it to your phone!


    Pearson Vocab App  Free Miller & Levine Biology Vocab by Pearson Education


    Crash Course App  Crash Course App  Watch video for more information:  About Crash Course App



    QR to Quizlet

    For Reading Biology Textbook off line on laptops and tablets (not on phones...yet):  Savvas Reading Realize App

    Realize Reader


     The apps below are optional but very helpful!

    Bio Girl App   Each lesson plan follows the 20x20 PechaKucha format - 20 slides with 20 seconds of content for each. Educators have shown this to the most efficient way to learn new material and reinforce already-forgotten lessons. We then confirm the understanding with a 20-question quiz for each section - ensuring that each slide is understood. If you're not sure of the answer, then you can tap the hint to replay the 20-second blurb. All of the content downloads to your phone, ensuring that you don't burn cell data and that lessons work when you are off-line.

    BioNinja App  Having trouble learning IB Biology? Don't be a bio-whinger... be a BioNinja!
    • Detailed notes on every assessment statement (SL / HL / Options)
    • Information is organised according to content (topics) or concept (skills)
    • Multiple choice quizzes containing hundreds of questions from past IB exams
    • An assortment of pictures, animations and biology songs
    • All information (excluding animations & songs) is stored on your device, so you can access it anywhere and at any time
    • And it's completely FREE!

    Evolution App  Inspired by the action board game of North Star Games, Evolution is all about natural selection and fighting for survival in nature. Evolve your creatures to be stronger than your enemies and win all of the battles in this board game to survive!

    DNA Game App  DNA Game    Test your skills, create life!

    Phage Invaders App   This game introduces a range of scientific concepts, from the fundamental central dogma of biology to the complex mechanisms of CRISPR                                                     immunity.

     3D Brain App  For studying the parts of the brain.

    3D brain provides a great way to learn, research, and understand all the different aspects of the human brain. 3D Brain delivers a great 3D view into the human brain at you finger-tips.