Intensive Reading - Read to Achieve

  • Read to Achieve is an intensive reading program that focuses on fluency practice, reading skills in content areas, and vocabulary and comprehension strategies. Every week, we will....

    • have a cold and warm oral reading fluency check
    • learn new reading strategies 
    • use strategies learned to comprehend social studies and science text
    • learn how to decode mutisyllabic words and figure out word meaning through a variety of strategies
    • take an assessment about the strategies and their implementation


    If you are coming to OMS for instruction, we will be reading A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park the first nine weeks as we complete our reading curriculum to apply our application of the skills learned in Read to Achieve. 


    If you are participating via MCPS Online (during 4th block), be sure to log into TEAMS and join our video class during your scheduled block. 


    Click here to watch a video on how to log-in to your classes


    Online Learning Disclaimer:  Students who show up late to their online learning class will be marked Unexcused Tardy by their teacher.  Parents that are requesting an excused tardy must contact the OMS attendance clerk, Mrs. Schulz at 671-7100 or