• Repaso de Español 1/Class of 2023—Summer packet 


    PreIB Spanish Summer Packet Link  - EVERYTHING IS TO BE HAND WRITTEN

    DUE First day of school 

    KNOW all the Spanish 1 vocab lists from Quizlet including lesson 7-9

    (Quizlet class:19-20 PreIB Spanish 1) (Quizlet class auto join link)


    REVIEW all the Spanish tenses/moods (present and preterite indicative) 

    Sr. Jordan Videos are great for review.  Sr. Jordan videos link

    Padlet for notes -  https://padlet.com/furphyw/sp1notes   (not a link)

    My college professor's page: http://users.pfw.edu/jehle/

    Avancemos conjugator: Conjugation Practice Link - You can set a timer and practice conjugations based on parameters you pick


     THIS IS A REVIEWyou need to know the vocab/grammar when you return for Spanish 2. It does you no good to just copy someone else's work.

    • The point of this review is to check to see if you know the material. Not to see how well you copy.
    • In the instructions for each section, I have written what the “concept” or “knowledge” needed for that section…if you don’t understand it…research how to do the concept and learn it, OK? 
    • Send me a message on “Remind” if you need to! 


    Again-this is to be hand written!!


    Additional Practice websites:

    Quizizz.com link a large variety of practice quizzes and games (self graded - instant feedback)

    Conjuguemos.com link - grammar, vocabulary, listening review and practice activities  (self graded- instant feedback)

    Lyrics Training Link - practice listening and learn some Spanish songs

    Edpuzzle.com link - you can look up videos about topics you struggled with