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    Ms. Fagan     2017-2018


    Office Hours:  before school, Lunch 11:58-12:28, after school, or by appointment

          Contact:  email  lynda.fagan@marion.k12.fl.us    Best method for a quick response J

       phone  671-4900 x-59492 during office hours  (Do not leave message)

                Teacher website:   access through Vanguard website > Faculty/Staff > Faculty

                Vanguard websitehttp://www.marionschools.net/vhs


    I     Course Description

          Course Title:  Physical Science              Course Number:  2003310                      Credits:  1        


    This course gives a general overview of chemistry and physics and is not intended to prepare students

    for rigorous college science course-work.


    II    Course Objectives

    Physical Science Course Benchmarks are listed at the Florida Department of Education web address.

    Please visit this page to view the course curriculum:




          III    Course Units (per 9-week grading period)


                Semester I:  Science Skills, Properties of Matter, State of Matter, Atomic Structure,

                                        Periodic Table, Chemical Bonds, Chemical Reactions

                Semester II:  Motion, Forces & Motion, Work & Power, Energy, Mechanical Waves and Sound

    Common End of Course Exam



          IV   Supplies          1.5-2” Ring Binder         Tab Dividers for Ring Binder      Simple Calculator

                                        Black or Blue Pens     Red Pen     Colored markers/pencils

    May also be useful:  Highlighter       Index Cards



          V    Grading

    Student mastery of the course material is determined by tests, lab activities, and class/daily assignments. 

    Method of evaluation may be modified as deemed necessary by the instructor.


    Grading Scale:             A 90-100     B 80-89     C 70-79     D 60-69     F 0-59


    Quarter Grade Weights:                                   Semester Grade Weights:

    Tests                                        40%                  Quarter I                       35%

    Classwork                                 55%                  Quarter II                      35%

    HW                                             5%                  Semester Exam            30%

    Total Quarter                            100%                  Semester Total            100%





    The first assignment for Physical Science:                      Due by Wednesday Aug 16



    • Parent Signature on page 2
    • Ring Binder (1.5 “ minimum)
    • Simple Function Calculator (“dollar store” type is fine)








    1. When bell rings, be settled in Assigned Seat quietly doing the Bellwork.


    1. Paper Heading: Name, Date, Class Title, and Period in upper right corner

                                   Title of Assignment on top line (chapter, page & problem #’s)

                                   Blue or Black Ink only.  No fringe on edges from spiral notebooks!


    1. Restroom Privileges:  Students sign out and take RR Pass on lanyard.


    1. Make-Up Work due to an excused absence is your responsibility.  Assignments are posted on the Vanguard website.  Student must take initiative to reschedule tests and quizzes with teacher before or after school, not during class time.  See Student Handbook for policy.


    1. Late work is not accepted, unless under prior arrangement with teacher.


    1. Dismissal: Teacher dismisses class, not the bell.

                                  Gather belongings, Pick up litter, Push in chair.  (6th period put chairs on tables)

                                  Students are not permitted to line up at door.



    1. Come to class Prepared: proper sleep (8-10 hours), healthy food, school supplies
    2. Respect yourself and others and property.
    3. No electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, etc.) Strictly Enforced!
    4. Drink only Water in Class (No food, soda, or sport beverages, except by permission).
    5. Do your Best with a Winning Attitude!


    #1 Student States Rule    #2 Hall Conference    #3 Parent Contact    #4 Discipline Referral



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    I have read the Syllabus and Classroom Procedures & Rules for Physical Science.


    I understand that Physical Science is the last science in my child’s high school career and is a required credit to graduate.


    I know that the curriculum information is found on the Florida CPALMS website.


    Ms. Fagan can be contacted via email on Vanguard website.


    Class Assignments and Test Dates are posted on Fagan Vanguard website.




    Student Signature ______________________________________ Print Name _______________________________________



    Parent/Guardian Signature ________________________________________________________ Date ___________________



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