• Thank you for visiting! This page lists (HIGHLY) recommended activities meant to prepare students for Algebra Honors next year.  If you are scheduled for my Algebra Honors course, it is important that you complete these activities so that you will be fully prepared.  For Summer 2020, I am asking that all incoming Algebra students complete the "On-Ramp to Algebra" offered by Math Nation.  This program is FREE to students and is available through the student desktop.  The program includes a "start-up" assessment as well as videos and practice to ensure that students have a solid foundation to begin their Algebra experience.

    • For students planning to enter Algebra 1, it is expected that you will have an understanding of at least the first three domains from the "On-Ramp to Algebra" at the beginning of the course.
    • Students planning to try out for MATHCOUNTS in 2020-2021 should aim to complete the "On-Ramp to Algebra" prior to the beginning of school.


    The amount of time I am budgeting for these activities is approximately one hour each week.  Individual students needs will vary; however, compelting the entire "On-Ramp to Algebra" requires approximately 12-15 hours of work depending on student skill level.  Please aim to complete at least one subsection each week.  This will help prevent frustration, burnout, or procrastination.  Think of this like learning a foreign language - if you don't speak the other language, you will forget how to use it! 


    As you work through the "On-Ramp to Algebra," please keep me updated once in a while by sending an e-mail to William.Lockley@marion.k12.fl.us with your progress and questions!


    To access the "On Ramp to Algebra," log on to Math Nation using your student desktop.  Math Nation is located in "Programs."  Once you log-in, there is a drop-down menu at the top-left corner of the page.  Select "On-Ramp To Algebra."  Complete the "Start-Up" assessment.  Use your own knowledge for this assessment - if you do not know how to do something, that is okay!  The assessment will place you in the "On-Ramp" program.  If you are having trouble finding the "On-Ramp to Algebra," you can also find it by selecting Algebra 1 and it will be the first option in "Videos and More."


    Depending on where you start, you should aim to complete at least one subsection each week.  I have listed the first three domains and their subsections below.  These are essential skills for success in the Algebra 1 course.


    1. Number and Quantity

    • Quantities - Integers
    • Quantities - Fractions
    • Quantities - Percent

    2. Number System

    • Properties of Rational and Irrational Numbers
    • Properties of Exponents

    3. Algebra

    • Operations on Polynomials
    • Creating Equations
    • Solving Equations in One Variable
    • Inequalities
    • Solutions of a Coordinate System


    If you are able to complete these domains, then you should continue with the "On-Ramp to Algebra" program since these foundation skills are neccessary for success in Algebra:


    4. Functions

    • Understanding Functions
    • Interpreting Functions
    • Analyzing Functions

    5. Statistics and Probability

    • Data Analysis


    If you have questions regarding Math Nation, or how to prepare for Algebra, please e-mail me at William.Lockley@marion.k12.fl.us and I will respond as soon as possible!