• Summer is filled with fun activities with family and friends and time for some rest and relaxation!  I have attached a few activities that can be used this simmer to keep students on track but yet give them a little fun as well.  These are not requirements but things to access as needed. 

    As you all do some special activities or day to day activities it is important to ask questions to your child as well as have them remember or recall a few things.  IF your child is working on specific speech sounds have them make a list of ten words from objects around the house or found in the activity that has their sound in it and say them in sentences or using easy speech for the stutterers.

    Finish the summer sentence



    Pick an Activity



    Enjoy your summer and I would love to hear from you all some this summer so please feel free to call me or email me with updates!

    I have enjoyed working with your child and look forward to seeing those that will return next school year!

    Have a safe and Happy Summer!


    Mrs. Branson

    page.branson@marion.k12.fl.us    352-405-2425