• Morning Meeting

    Good morning! Today is Wednesday. The date is May 27, 2020.

    This morning we have a Zoom meeting at 11:00. I hope we see you there! We will play a game to practice our numbers. 

    Zoom @ 11:00


    Let's practice our numbers. Below are some ten frames. See if you can figure out what number the ten frame is showing just by looking at it.

    2    8   4


    5   10   6


    Count to 100 with Spiderman


    Yesterday, we reviewed the Superheroes of the alphabet. Letters Aa, Ee, Ii, Oo and Uu. Let's review some other letters today. Let's use the first letters in our names!

    Alaric, Alexa and Armani begin with Aa

    Coralyn's name begins with Cc

    D'Andre' and Devin begin with Dd

    Emma and Evelynn begin with Ee

    Izalea's name begins with Ii

    Jontarius and Josniel begin with Jj

    Khian and Kinlynn both begin with Kk

    Myla's name begins with Mm

    Summer's name begins with Ss

    William's name begins with Ww

    Zyair's name begins with Zz

    Our Theme

    Yesterday, we started looking at the ocean and some animals that live there. Today, we're going to take a virtual field trip to Marineland and hear some details about some ocean animals. Click here to visit Marineland.

    Click here to read The Rainbow Fish.


    Follow-up Activities

    Fine Motor/Reading: Print, color and cut out the story pieces from The Rainbow Fish. Use the pieces to retell the story. You might want to retell the story during the Zoom meeting. I'd love to hear it!

    Fine Motor/Art: Print out the pattern and make your own rainbow fish.

    Rhyming: Print out the rhyming page. Can you find the rhymes?