• Morning Meeting

    Good Morning! Today is Tuesday. The date is May 29, 2020.


    This is our last week of school. Instead of having a number of the day, we will be reviewing the numbers 0-10. I have mixed up the hands below. See how quickly you can figure out which number the hands are showing.

    5 1 7 10 4 0 6 9 2 3 8

    Count to 100 with Jack Hartman

    Click here to join the Count on vacation at the beach.


    Take a look at our alphabet.


    Remember that the letters Aa, Ee, Ii, Oo and Uu are the Superheroes of the alphabet. They can have two sounds. They can sound like a normal letter or they can shout their names. Let's look at these letters a little more.

    Letter Aa

    Letter Ee

    Letter Ii

    Letter Oo

    Letter Uu

    Our Theme

    Let's go under the sea and find out about the ocean and the animals that live there!

    Amazing Animals

    Hello Ocean

    A House for Hermit Crab

    Follow-up Activities