• Final Morning Show


    Students must complete all iReady teacher assigned lessons by 6/1; if not done already.  The last day for completing assignments and receiving a grade for them is 6/1.  Iready will also be turned off by the district this summer.  Students may still use MYON for summer learning.  


    *** There will not be a zoom meeting on Wednesday due to students picking up belongings from the school.  I will be at school from approx 7 AM on Wednesday until 2:05.  You may pick up from 8 am till 11 am and then again from noon till 2:00 pm.  

    IReady Always do the Teacher Assigned (blue side first, then green)  

    40 minutes Math

    40 minutes Reading

    Reading Assignments

    Reading Assignment 1

    Scavenger Hunt

    Reading Assignment 2

    Willy the Waterdrop 


    Graphic organizer with main idea and main points  

    Mail Idea/Details    Main Idea/Details

    Math Assignments

    Math Assignment 1

    MAFS.K.CC.1.1 – Count to 100 by ones and by tens. 

    Goal # 1: I can count to 100 by ones.

    Goal # 2: I can count to 100 by tens.

     Count to 100 by Ones- Jack Hartmann Let's Get Fit

     Number Sense: One hundred Brainpop Jr


    Assignment:  Orally count to One Hundred by ones; then write numbers 0 -50 on paper.

    Count with me by 10s- Jack Hartmann


    Have Fun Teaching - Count by 10s


    Orally count by 10s to 100.  Then write on paper count by 10s starting with 10 to 100.  Please send a copy to your teacher.  


    Choose at least 1 Count by 10s MYON book to read: 

     Count by 10s


    Math Assignment 3

    Have Fun Teaching- Count by 5s

    Then read a count by 5s book on Myon:

    Count by 5s


    Assignment:  Orally count by 5s to 100.  On paper, write numbers to 50 by 5s. Please send your work to your teacher. 

    Science Assignments

    Please watch the following video.


    Read and answer questions on the Share the Earth Studies Weekly https://app.studiesweekly.com/online/publications/99550/units/105591#/articles/105593.

    There is no test, but I can see your activity on this magazine.

    On a piece of paper draw or write to show 3 ways you can take care of the Earth.

    Your “Junk Art” Project will be your final Science Project for this year. Please send a picture of your project to your teacher.

    Social Studies Assignments


    Symbols and Monuments

    Social Studies Weekly Week 32 Let's Review! 

    Myon Books

    The White House: Introducing Primary Sources – Kathryn Clay https://www.myon.com/reader/index.html?a=ips_whiteh_f17    

    If I Were President -Thomas Kingsley Troupe https://www.myon.com/reader/index.html?a=ips_whiteh_f17

    Students must complete 1 activity for each Special Area each week. Please send a picture of the activity to each teacher.

    Music  Music This week's Music assignments.

    ***Choose three assignments to complete by the end of May. Remember to take pictures or videos of your work and send it to me at my school email address - karen.blinkhorn@marion.k12.fl.us

    Art  Art This week's Art assignment

    ***Choose one :

    1) Draw a picture of your favorite room in your house.

    2) Draw a picture of your favortie thing to do with your family.

    3) Make a thank you card or chalk drawing for all of those working in the community, such as medical professionals, police officers, essentail workers etc.

    (the photo above is of chalk art Ms. F and local artists Mel Fioretino-Degener and Camilla Firefeathers, created to honor the nurses at Advent Health

    PE  PE This week's PE Assignments.

    ***Play and be active for 30 minutes each day.  Ride your bike or scooter.  Play tag, go for a walk, or race your mom, dad, or guardian.  Play in a sprinkler at home.  Play “Simon Says”.  Dribble a basketball or soccer ball.  Use sidewalk chalk to write your name or draw.

    Play the rock/paper/scissor game with a relative or sibling. You can use chalk to mark your imaginary hula hoop circles, or string or rope to make your semi-circle course.

    Write down 5 fruits and vegetables that you have eaten in a day or throughout the week.  Keep a food log/diary.