• Weekly Expectations (in addition to weekly assignments):

    • 45 minutes iReady Reading with 2 passed lessons
    • 45 minutes iReady Math with 2 passed lessons
    • 20 minutes of reading per day- MyOn, student Reader, or books from home


    1. Please read the last 6 stories of the book Grace. (you can read 1 or 2 each day for your 20 minutes of reading). I know it's a lot but I really want you to hear the end of the book! :)

    You can also read the 2 pausing point stories if you want for extra practice! 

    The stories are:

    The Frog Jumping Contest

    The Spinning Wheel

    Buster The Pig


    The Harvest

    The Harvest Marvel






    2.  Answer the comprehension questions for "Buster the pigeither in your journal or by printing.  Make sure your answers are in complete sentences Send me a picture. 


    Buster The Pig 


    3.  Go to Myon through your portal. listen to the story "Katie finds a Job" by Fran Manushkin.  After listening to the story, rate the book.  You can take the 5 question quiz if you want.

    Next, respond to the text by writing a paragraph about what job you would like to have. Tell me why you would like that job and remember to stretch those sentences. Don't forget capital letters, finger spaces, and punctuation.  Your paragraph should be at least 5 sentences and include a topic sentence, at least 3 detail sentences, and a conclusion.

    Take a picture of your paragraph and send it to me via dojo or email. *



    Math:    MAFS.1.G.1.3 – Partition circles and rectangles into two and four equal shares, describe the shares using the words halves, fourths, and quarters, and use the phrases half of, fourth of, and quarter of. Describe the whole as two of, or four of the shares. Understand for these examples that decomposing into more equal shares creates smaller shares.                                            

    1.  Go to Brain Pop Jr. brainpop jr 

    user name:  ocala ; password:  springs

    Click on the Math tab, then fractions, then basic Parts of a whole.  Watch the video and take the easy and hard quizes.  Send a picture of one of your scores.  



    2.  Click the links below and follow along with the two tutorials.  Answer the questions as you go.  Send me a picture of your "thank you" pages.

    CPalms: Equal Shares Heroes

    Cpalms: Equal Shares Heroes Find Fourths


    3.  Go to Splash Math (SplashLearn)  


    Enter Class Code EQNMNP and use password that I sent you. 

    Click on My To-do's –“Partition shapes:  Halves and Fourths”. 

    There is no need to take a picture of the score because I will see it on my end once you have completed the assignment. *

    You may also want to complete "Partition Shapes: Equal Shares".  There are also other assignments listed.  Feel free to do any lessons as practice. 



    Social Studies:  


    Through MyOn listen to the story "Lemons and Lemonade:  A Book about Supply and Demand" by Nancy Loewen.  After listening to the story, rate the book and take the 5 question quiz. You may need help reading the questions. *


    Science:  SC.1.E.6.2: Describe the need for water and how to be safe around water.


     Click the link below and follow along with the tutorial answering the questions as you go.  

    Cpalms: Water Water Everywhere

    Send me a picture of your "thank you" page. *


    Optional Video

    Water Safety with Timone and Pumbaa 


    * A grade will be entered for any assignment marked with an asterisk.