• For some of you this is our final week with the Distance Learning Model for Speech and Language Therapy. We are approaching the summer break although many of you feel like you have already been on break, you will not be receiving web page updates, emails, phone calls or Zoom requests from me after this week.  Next week I will be finalizing your progress reports and consult logs and all the paperwork and packing up that goes with the end of the year.  You all made my first year at MTI an amazing year.  I have enjoyed getting to know you and working with you and watching you work hard to make great progress.  Thank you!



    This weeks activity is Name 2.  I am asking you to recall things about your school year and name two things related to each question.  It is a way to reflect and remember your school year.  I look forward to hearing your answers when I call or meet you through Zoom.



    Here are a list of fun activities to do this summer,  there are may choices for you all to have a little fun while still focusing on using your listening and speaking skills.  Get with a family member and pick one each week to try.  There are may choices and i know you will have fun doing some of these activities.  Remember to focus on asking and answering questions.  Listen ting and following directions.  Sequence the steps so the project gets completed correctly.  Use good speech sounds and slow rate of speech.  Hope you will email me some of the things you are doing over the summer.

    Summer Activities


    Here is a paragraph for Seniors Only.

    Seniors ONLY plan


    Also keep up with these ongoing repeated activities.  These are just great skills to practice.  

    Pick a Chore

    Pick a chore with the help of your parents and following the step by step directions.


     This activity is about our children being able to give basic information.  This is so important for safety as well as future independence employability.  This will be an ongoing activity to keep them practicing these skills.  IF they do not know them we will focus just on one each week. 



    Finally, here is a little game to play.  This is making sure our students answer and ask the correct question -wh-questions can sometimes confuse our students.  So use this to play a game and have a little fun while learning at the same time.

    Question Game


    Have a GREAT SUMMER and you can always call me or email me.  352-405-2425  or page.branson@marion.k12.fl.us


    Mrs. Branson