• Week of 5/26 through 6/1

    We have made it to the final week of the school year. Congratulations to all of you. I know that Algebra I Honors is a challenging course and the topics we learned can be difficult to grasp. I am very proud of you and all the hard work you have put forth this school year. This week, please finish any missing assignments. Be sure to check Skyward everyday this week. If you see a 0 or asterisk, that assignment needs to be completed by June 1st. No work will be accepted after 3:40 pm on that day. When you have finished all of your previous assignments, then the only thing you have left to do for my class is to answer a few reflection questions. Usually at the end of the year, I have my students write their answers to these questions on an index card as a way of saying goodbye. Please take a few minutes to provide meaningful answers to them. 


    1.) Finish every assignment that you are missing (we have had 9 assignments and 2 disccusion posts). Please press the turn in button on Google Classroom when submitting any late assignment, especially if you do the Pearson Realize assignments late. This will notify me to check that assignment and allow me to grade it. 

    2.) End of Year Reflection Assignment: AFTER you have finished all of your other assignments, you will answer ten reflection questions. You can access these questions through Google Classroom. Students will reflect on the concepts learned in Algebra, how they can be applied and how they relate to concepts from prior years and with concepts in Geometry.


     Again, I am proud of all of you, especially with such an abnormal school year we had. I will miss every one of my great students dearly. Feel free to reach out to me in the future any time you have a question or if there is something I can help you with while you are in high school, or even just to say hi. Please stay safe and have a good summer!