• Weekly Expectations (in addition to weekly assignments):

    • 45 minutes iReady Reading with 2 passed lessons
    • 45 minutes iReady Math with 2 passed lessons
    • 20 minutes of reading per day- MyOn, student Reader, or books from home


    1. Please read the next 5 stories in your reader (You may want to do 1 per day as your 20 min of reading).  They are:  "In The Storm Shelter", "The Visit", "The Soccer Game", "Supper", and "Grace the Performer".  This week's phonics skill is wh.  Start looking for this spelling in your stories.  




    2.  Answer the comprehension questions for "The soccer gameeither in your journal or by printing.  Make sure your answers are in complete sentences Send me a picture. 

    The Soccer Game Questions    



    3.  Noun & Verb Review 

    Remember that a noun is a person, place, thing, or animal.  a verb is an action word.

    Copy the 10 short sentences from the workbook page. Circle the noun in each sentence and draw a line under the verb. Please use good handwriting. Send me a picture. *

    Noun and Verb Review


    Math:    MAFS.1.G.1.1 – Distinguish between defining attributes (e.g., triangles are closed and three-sided) versus non-defining attributes (e.g., color, orientation, overall size); build and draw shapes to possess defining attributes.                                            

      MAFS.1.G.1.2 – Compose two-dimensional shapes (rectangles, squares, trapezoids, triangles, half-circles, and quarter-circles) or threedimensional shapes (cubes, right rectangular prisms, right circular cones, and right circular cylinders) to create a composite shape, and compose new shapes from the composite shape.

    1.  Go to Brain Pop Jr. brainpop jr 

    user name:  ocala ; password:  springs

    Click on the Math tab, then Geometry, then solid shapes.  Watch the video and take the easy and hard quizes.  Send a picture of one of your scores.  

    You may also want to watch Plane Shapes as well.


    2.  Go to think central through your portal and complete the assignment:  ISE combine shapes.



    3.  splash Math (SplashLearn).  A shape's vertex is the corner or point where lines meet.  The plural of vertex is verticies.


    Enter Class code EQNMNP and use password that I sent you. 

    Click on My To-do's –“Three Dimensional Figures”. There is no need to take a picture of the score because I will see it on my end once you have completed the assignment. *

    There are other assignements listed.  Some were from before distance learning, some I just added.  Feel free to do any lessons as practice. 



    Social Studies:  

    Through the portal, go to Studies Weekly.  Read the article, answer the questions to earn your coins, and complete the test for Week 31: Spend or Save*


    Science:  SC.1.E.6.1: Recognize that water, rocks, soil, and living organisms are found on Earth's surface.


     Click the link below and follow along with the tutorial answering the questions as you go.  

    CPalms: What on Earth?

    Send me a picture of your "Thank You" page.  *



    * A grade will be entered for any assignment marked with an asterisk.