• Week 7 Tasks 5/11- 5/15:     

    30 mins of IReady ELA (weekly, not daily)  

    30 mins IReady Math (weekly, not daily)

    20 minutes daily reading (can be MyOn, books you have at home, books on Starfall.com, youtube read alouds)


    Enrichment Activities:  Optional and Fun...pick and choose what to do! 

    Ocean themed!

    LITERACY: Read any and all books about oceans and the animals that live in them! 
    Make sure to ask question before, during, and after.  
    Read aloud stories:
    Count gold fish snacks sort out the color ones/ practice adding and subtracting with Goldfish
    Rhyming to 10 Jack Hartman song   https://youtu.be/R072XZmNuZc
    make a fish or crab out of a paper plate then you can paint, color, use tissue paper
    color or paint an underwater scene
    how to draw a sea turtle   https://youtu.be/EZJqfxa37Vw
    Deep Deep Deep 
    A Hole at the Bottom of the Sea 
    The Goldfish (let’s go swimming)
    -talk about different characteristics of ocean animals. Also discuss the importance or not littering and how garbage can eventually find its way to the ocean and be harmful to sea animals.
    -sink and float various items
    Nat Geo animal series 


    Must Do Tasks...

    Social Studies

    Task 1: 

    1. Studies Weekly- week 23 "Presidents and Patriots" . Read through the digital article (it will read it to them). Go to students desktop and click e-textbooks at the bottom.  Then click on Studies Weekly icon and then click Social Studies.  If it isn't working click on this PDF link below to see the article


    2.  https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/static.studiesweekly.com/online/resources/panels_media/FL0Week23Assessment.pdf  (email to me)


    Worksheet - Presidents and Patriots

    Read book on MyON:  Presidents' Day, by Clara Cella

    https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/static.studiesweekly.com/online/resources/panels_media/FL0Week23IfIWerePresident.pdf   (writing)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIe558h3SO8  Duck for President read aloud 



    Task 1:

    1.  Patterns of Movement Click on this link and follow the lesson/ activities.  Email me the activity pages 3 and 5.





    Task 1:

    Skills 9 Reader - Zack and Ann    Zack and Ann    Have student read "When It's Hot" 2 times for fluency.

    Activities to email to me:  "When It's Hot" Story Questions


    Task 2:

    SmartyAnts (computer program found on portal) - 30 mins 

    username: jessicacicione

    password: student number

    *nothing to email to me


    Task 3 (CKLA Unit 11):


    Lesson 3: Natural Resources  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6ivzbZVGuY&feature=youtu.be

    Lesson 4: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7X6f8S9uOYs&feature=youtu.be   Click on and watch the links from our reading series (CKLA) this week.  

    Write sentences to tell me 2 key details you learned from Lesson 3 and 4. (email to me)


    Optional Extra ELA Practice:

    Read the text Fun in the Sand and Skates. Complete the Reader Worksheets for each story. Write your answer in complete sentences and illustrate a picture to match your writing at the bottom of each page. 

    Have your child read each sentence to you & then act it out.  Wiggle Card Sentences

    CKLA 22.3 Yes or No Questions 



    Task 1: Word Problem Review

    Read and solve these word problems below. Draw to solve the word problem and write the equation. Remember to show your work. (Email this to me)

    1. I looked out my window and saw some birds in the tree.  I saw 3 black birds and 4 big woodpeckers!  How many birds are in the tree?  Draw and solve this word problem.(write the equation under your illustration)  

    2. At the pond, there were 10 frogs on a log, 8 frogs leaped into the water to swim.  How many frogs are still on the log?  Draw and solve this word problem. (write the equation under your illustration)  

    3. I collected 9 shells at the beach.  I gave my mom 4 shells.  How many shells do I have left?  Draw and solve this word problem. (write the equation under your illustration)

    4. Make up and solve your own addition word problem using numbers 0-10.

    5. Make up and solve your own subtraction word problem using numbers 0-10.


    Task 2: 

    Make a collage to "teach me" about measurement.  For example, use sidewalk chalk and draw short lines and tall lines with labels OR collect sticks and line them up from longest to shortest.  Another idea could be sorting heavy and light objects using pictures out of magazines.  This is basically an activity to show me you know how to compare legnth and height and/or weight.  


    Task 3:

    IXL - click on kindergarten, go to Measurement and do lesson 9 and 10

    https://www.ixl.com/signin/madisonsa  click here and then enter username and password (student number, student number)


    Optional Math Practice/ Skill Review:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypVQDZL18SQ   (Measurement song) 

    Complete the Frog color by number subtraction activity. Make sure you pay attention to the colors that are on the page. For manipulatives to help with the assignment, count out 20 pennies.