• IReady Always do the Teacher Assigned (blue side first, then green)  

    40 minutes Math

    40 minutes Reading


    Reading Assignment 1

    LAFS.K.RI.3.8 - With prompting and support, identify the reasons an author gives to support points in a text.


    Watch Reduce, Reuse, Recycle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OasbYWF4_S8

    Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOekz0JC7gY

    Draw a picture, dictate, or write a main idea and 3 details about Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling. Main Idea/Details  Main Idea Ice Cream

    Please send a picture of your work to Ms. Newman

    Reading Assignment 2

    Read “Bug and Frog” on page 54 in Zack and Ann. Zack and Ann

    Draw a picture of one part of the story and write a sentence to go with it.

    Please send a picture of your work to Ms. Newman

    Reading Assignment 3

    Starfall.com: Please allow your child to do the "Learn to Read, It's Fun to Read, I'm Reading" sections. They can do games of phonics and phonemic awareness, sight words, as well as reading books.

    Learn to Read Word Games

    Word Machines

    In the Word Works book Word Works on the Farm  complete pages 13, 14, 15.


    Social Studies Assignment

    Presidents and Patriots

    Brainpop jr  President Use your family account, if you made one, or, use mine: username: knewman2  password: school2 

    Please have your child take the easy quiz.

    Watch Presidents and Patriots Into Presidents and Patriots

    Social Studies Weekly Week 23 Presidents and Patriots    Presidents and Patiots


    Myon Books

    The White House: Introducing Primary Sources – Kathryn Clay The White House  

    If I Were President -Thomas Kingsley Troupe  If I Were President


    Math Assignments

    Math assignment 1

    Topic: Describe & Compare Measureable Attributes

    Standard: MAFS.K.MD.1.1 – Describe measurable attributes of objects, such as length or weight. Describe several measurable attributes of a single object. 

    Learning Goals:

    Goal # 1: I can describe measurable attributes of objects.

    Goal # 2: I can describe length and/or height.

    Goal # 3: I can describe weight and capacity.

    Goal # 4: I can describe the measurable attributes of a given object. 

    MAFS.K.MD.1.a – Express the length of an object as a whole number of length units, by laying multiple copies of a shorter object (the length unit) end to end; understand that the length measurement of an object is the number of same-size length units that span it with no gaps or overlaps. Limit to contexts where the object being measured is spanned by a whole number of length units with no gaps or overlaps. 

    Goal # 1: I can measure objects using non-standard units of measure.


    Students will be learning about nonstandard measurements.  They will visit this following link on Brainpop Jr  Non-standard Measurement.  (Use your family account, if you made one, or, use mine: username: knewman2  password: school2 


    !) Watch the video.  

    2) Practice measuring different objects using a smaller object for the measurement tool.  

    For example:  You could measure a pencil and use tiles to measure.   Or you could measure length of the bottom of a door using crayons.  

    Explain that the unit you are using is measurement of legth using tiles  OR if you measured the bottom of the door using tiles. 

    Practice for a while.  
    3) Later come back and take the easy quiz.  Send me your child's score


    Math Assignment 2:

    1) Watch the following Sid the Science Kid video on Nonstandard Measurement:

    Sid the Science Kid Nonstandard Measurement

    2) Pick an object to measure. It could be the couch, it could be the door, or perhaps a table. 

    Pick an object that you have lot of (for example, paper clips, tiles, or even crayons) to use as your measurement tool.  If you don't have anything then use your hands or feet. 

    Measure the larger object using the smaller object.  

    Draw a picture to show your measurement.  Write a sentence to tell about your measurement; for example, My couch is ____ crayons long.  

    Send a picture of your work and your sentence to your teacher. 

    Math Assignment 3:

    Students will go to their student portals.  They will log into iReady and completed the math assignment Longer vs Shorter
    I will assign this lesson to them and it should appear on Monday. 

    Students will also complete at least 1 other of their lessons that the computer assigns to them.  

    They should have at least 30 to 45 minutes logged in on iReady this week. 

    Also, on their portal they will log in to Myon.  
    They should pick a book on nonstandard measurement and read it.  

    Science Measurements   Measure

    Both Myon and IReady will give me their score/time read for the week. 

    The time on Myon can count toward their 20 minutes daily reading



    Science Assignment

    SC.K.P.13.1 – Observe that a push or a pull can change the way an object is moving.


    Play the Quizizz online quiz game at the bottom.

    Choose one exit ticket on the bottom of the page to complete.

    Please send a picture of your work to Ms. Newman.


    Students must complete 1 activity for each Special Area each week. Please send a picture of the activity to each teacher.

    Music  Music 

    Art  Art

    PE  PE