• Happy Monday!  We are down to the last few weeks of Distance Learning!  We are going to make it.  I thank you all who continue to participate through the website, through emails, through phone calls and through Zoom!  It is great to see continued improvement and participation.

    This week we will continue with answering Wh- questions to a picture or story.  This week it is about a playground.  Well most playgrounds and parks have been closed for the last 6 weeks but I am sure you can recall a time from your past that you enjoyed time at a park or playground.  Please be ready to share one of your great memories.  You will RECALL that experience.

    Park/playground WH-Questions

    This week I want you to focus also on Body Language.  We know we use our voices to talk and share but remember our bodies also share how we feel or shows our attitude.  Practice having someone at home act out different emotions through their body language/facial expressions and see if you can guess what they are trying to communicate. This was on one of the days in the May Calendar activities as well.

     Body Language

    Remember you can contact with any questions or concerns at 352-405-2425 or email me @ page.branson@marion.k12.fl.us


    REPEAT Activities---

    I have also added a May Calendar of Social Skills Practice.  These are great skills to work on every day.  These are what help us be good students, good family members and later good adults.  I will check in and see which ones you have practiced throughout the month.

    May Calendar of Activities


    Pick a Chore

    Pick a chore with the help of your parents and following the step by step directions.


     This activity is about our children being able to give basic information.  This is so important for safety as well as future independence employability.  This will be an ongoing activity to keep them practicing these skills.  IF they do not know them we will focus just on one each week. 



    Finally, here is a little game to play.  This is making sure our students answer and ask the correct question -wh-questions can sometimes confuse our students.  So use this to play a game and have a little fun while learning at the same time.

    Question Game