• Good Morning! Let's start with our Good Morning Song

    Today is Wednesday ,May 13th, 2020. Let's practice the days of the Week

    What is the Weather outside? Now let's practice our ABC's with a new song!

    We are learning about the letter Qq today. 

    Let's count to 20 . Our number for the week is 9 practice counting to 9 in different ways!


    9         9        9          9      9

        This week we are learning all about shapes and colors! Today we are learning about triangles and the color black  . Can you find a black  triangle  in your hosue.

    Our story today is The Greedy Triangle. What shape would you want to be?  

    Now you can make your own  triangle person. Cut out a big triangle and add regtangles for arms and legs, circles for eyes.