• Weekly Expectations (in addition to weekly assignments):

    • 45 minutes iReady Reading with 2 passed lessons
    • 45 minutes iReady Math with 2 passed lessons
    • 20 minutes of reading per day- MyOn, student Reader, or books from home


    Please read the next 5 stories in your reader (you may want to do 1 per day as your 20 min of reading).  THey are:  "Ants", "The Band", "The Yard Sale", "The Storm", and "Dark Clouds and WInd".  This week's new phonics skill is /n/ spelled "kn".  Start looking for this spelling in your stories.  




    1.  Answer the comprehension questions for "Ants" either in your journal or by printing.  Make sure your answers are in complete sentences Send me a picture. 

    Ants Questions


    2.  Reread thstory "The Band" several times until you can do so fluently.  Have someone take a 1 minute timed reading on this story.  Send me your CWPM (correct words per minute).  

    Printable version of The Band


    3.  Read the words below.  Write 3 good first grade sentences using at least one of these words in each.  Send me a picture. *  

    Remember the following: 

    • Each sentence should begin with a different word.
    • Make sure each starts with a capital and ends with punctuation.
    • Don't forget neat handwriting and good finger spacing.
    • Each sentence should be at least 6 words long.


    bounce     twice    knock     dance    chance    knife     kneel     voice     house    knob 


    Math:            MAFS.1.MD.1.a – Understand how to use a ruler to measure length to the nearest inch.                                             


    1.  Go to Brain Pop Jr. brainpop jr 

    user name:  ocala ; password:  springs

    Click on the Math tab, then MEASUREMENT, then Inches and Feet.  Watch the video and take the easy and hard quizes.  Send a picture of one of your scores.  


    2.  Complete the following measuring worksheets.

    Measure Crayons to the Inch

    Make your own lines

    Printable Ruler


    3.  Kickstart #31 *

    Kickstart #31

    Complete either by writing your answers on notebook paper or by printing.   


    Example- Day 5 



    Social Studies:  

    Through the portal, go to Studies Weekly.  Read the article, answer the questions to earn your coins, and complete the test for Week 30: Money and Trade*


    Science:  SC.1.E.5.4: Identify the beneficial and harmful properties of the Sun

    This week we are learning about the sun and how it helps us, but also how it can be harmful to us. 

     Click the link below and follow along with the tutorial answering the questions as you go.  

    CPalms: The Sun: Hurtful or Helpful

    Go to Stemscopes through your portal and take the Multiple Choice Quiz on the Sun.*



    * A grade will be entered for any assignment marked with an asterisk.