• Week of 5/18 through 5/24

    This week will be our last week of new content and major assignments. One of the most fundamental concepts that is used in Algebra and Geometry is the Pythagorean Theorem. You will be given notes, supplemental videos and two assignments to turn in. One assignment will be on Pearson Realize, the other will be a project. It is a little more work than usual, so I am giving you two weeks to do this. The only thing you will have next week is a quick reflection discussion post, thus you should have ample time to complete both assignments and any missing work that you have yet to turn in. Be sure to do the Pearson Realize assignment before you begin the project. You will need the practice before applying the knowledge within the project.


    1.) Pythagorean Theorem Notes: Click on the link to access the notes and read over them. You DO NOT have to print these out, just use your math notebook. Optional videos have been provided.

    My Pythagorean Theorem Notes Overview

    Pythagorean Theorem Example


    2.) CW28 The Pythagorean Theorem: Please complete the online Pearson Realize (textbook website) assignment CW28  The Pythagorean Theorem. Do all 24 questions.  Make sure you do this assignment first before you start the project.


    3.) P3 Pythagoras Murder Mystery Project: Click the link to access the assignment. Students will assume the role as detective in this murder mystery project. The project will have students determine who the killer is in a murder case using the Pythagorean Theorem. Students will write a police report that includes the math they used to determine the culprit and to exclude the other suspects, a picture of the situation showing how a right triangle is formed so that the Pythagorean Theorem can be used, and a paragraph summarizing the case. Students can email their completed project to me or submit it via Google Classroom. As usual, this can be done on their own paper, using Word, PowerPoint or some other program.