• The Imagine Neighborhood Daily Adventures:

    Second Step Problem Solving Activities for Grades K-5

    This is a special and timely program based on the Second Step Problem Solving Unit. Designed for remote learning, there are research-based, family-friendly activities for every day of the week. Play, listen, move, and practice mindfulness while learning important social-emotional skills that will help make staying home a little more manageable and a lot more fun.

    Week 1: Calming Down When Conflicts Arise.
    Week 2: Taking Others’ Perspectives.
    Week 3: Exploring Consequences of Actions
    Week 4: Making Amends. Coming May 25th
    Week 5: Listening and Respecting Boundaries. Coming June 1st
    Week 6: Problem Solving Steps, Tying it All Together. Coming June 8th

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    On-Demand Second Step Lessons

    Educators and families can now access Second Step Emotion Management lessons for Grades K–5 on-demand, along with support materials for each lesson. All lessons are free (no login required) and feature our own Committee for Children staff, who also happen to be experienced teachers and counselors.

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