• Dear 5th Grade Families, 


    We want to send our 5th graders off on their journey to middle school by hosting a 5th grade Celebration in their honor! Please mark your calendars for Thursday, May 28th.  Fifth grade families will drive through our car line.  We will announce our students' accomplishments and recognition over the loud speaker.  At the end of car line, your students will receive their rewards from their teachers and can take a picture.


    To keep this orderly, we would like families to report to car line at the following times:


    Mrs. Gibbs and Mrs. Nelson's student will arrive starting at 12 noon. 


    Families are encouraged to decorate their cars, hang signs, and celebrate their students.  Families can also park in the parking spaces out at car line in order to cheer for other students and friends, honk horns, and applaud their accomplishments.  However, everyone must remain in his or her vehicle at all times.


    Due to the corona virus, we could not bring everyone together like we normally do.  We hope this celebration will provide our 5th graders with the recognition they deserve!