• AES (Applied Educational Systems)

    - Log into: learn.aeseducation.com (put in your username/password that you had created for my class)

    - Click on Module Name and Unit that I assigned - Open electronic worksheet before you go through videos

    - Quiz to be taken at end of each lesson (You may leave your completed worksheet open to help during quiz - kind of like an open book quiz)

    - To answer questions to worksheet (there will be a round Icon in upper left corner of video to prompt you to 'click' to tell you what questions on the worksheet can be answered from that part of video)

    - Some lessons you will need to open an attachment-located in upper right corner of lesson (you will need to download and save it to school's OneDrive and then email as attachment when done with lesson)


    - Log into Typing.com (Make sure you put in your username/password that you created for my class so I can see your score-if I can't see it, then it becomes a "0")

    - It will either be a 3 minute or 5 minute typing test each week or every other week - Pay Attention to DUE DATES.