ATTENDANCE: Check-In daily for Attendance: Click "HERE" and then "Turn-In"

    (this is the ONLY item you will be "Turning-In" through Google Classroom)

    ASSIGNMENTS: POSTED every Monday (Pay Attention to DUE DATES)

    • Assignments that need to be "Turned-In", Save them first in your school's OneDrive, then attach the assignment in an email to Mrs. Echevarria at: brenda.echevarria@marion.k12.fl.us  (Be sure to put in Subject line what Period # - Name of Assignment)

      (please DO NOT "Turn-In" through Google Classroom or SHARE a link to me - this creates different locations for me to look for assignments and different ways for me to view your assignments - I want them all to be turned-in the same way)

    **For any questions, Mrs. Echevarria can be reached Mon-Fri from 8:00am-4:00pm via email (brenda.echevarria@marion.k12.fl.us)

    Please access Mrs. Echevarria's Google Classroom by following these steps:

    1) Log into your portal (https://desktop.marion.k12.fl.us/)

    2) Click on "Google Apps" which can be found on the menu along the bottom of the screen.

    3) Click "Google Classroom".

    4) If you haven't joined our Google Classroom yet, please click the addition ("+") sign, click "Join Class", and enter the code BELOW for your class period:

    Google Classroom CODES

    PERIOD 1 use Code 4gopfhi

    PERIOD 2 use Code jylgzbk

    PERIOD 3 use Code rhwjy4o

    PERIOD 4 use Code pfxkeyn

    PERIOD 5 use Code zzjhpu4

    PERIOD 6  use Code jjkhyh5

  • AES (Applied Educational Systems)

    - Log into: learn.aeseducation.com (put in your username/password that you had created for my class)

    - Click on Module Name and Unit that I assigned - Open electronic worksheet before you go through videos

    - Quiz to be taken at end of each lesson (You may leave your completed worksheet open to help during quiz - kind of like an open book quiz)

    - To answer questions to worksheet (there will be a round Icon in upper left corner of video to prompt you to 'click' to tell you what questions on the worksheet can be answered from that part of video)

    - Some lessons you will need to open an attachment-located in upper right corner of lesson (you will need to download and save it to school's OneDrive and then email as attachment when done with lesson)


    - Log into Typing.com (Make sure you put in your username/password that you created for my class so I can see your score-if I can't see it, then it becomes a "0")

    - It will either be a 3 minute or 5 minute typing test each week or every other week - Pay Attention to DUE DATES.