• We are in the month of May and our last month with the Distance Learning.  This Sunday, May 10th is Mother’s Day.  If you have a mom, step-mom, sister, aunt, grandmother, guardian or someone that is a special female in your life, this would be a great week to make a card or a picture for them and write a few sentences thanking them for all they do for you and why you appreciate them.  Be ready to share a little bit of that with me.

     Mother's Day 1

    You are Special

    May 4th is National Star Wars Day.  Here is an activity and a person to look up related to Star Wars.  Be ready to share the answers and information when I call.

     May 4th

    Here are some money phrases that you may have heard before or maybe you have not.  These are great phrases to practice the meaning of as well as use to practice your speech with.  We will discuss two of them when we talk this week.

    Money Talks


    Please know you can contact me any day from 9:00- 3:00 with any questions or concerns at 352-405-2425 or through my email at page.branson@marion.k12.fl.us


    Have a GREAT week!

    Reoccurring Activity - Choose a different Soft Skill to focus on this week!

    Remember Soft Skills are something we look at and talk about every week to help us get ready for the real world and focus on out side of just academics. Be ready to discuss this with me and or someone at home.  This will be a reoccurring activity.

    Soft Skills

    Soft Skills Examples