•      It is time begin another week of distance learning. Remember, if you picked up a packet last week, you already have this week’s work. If you did not pick up your packet, please stop by school Monday or Tuesday and pick up the packet. When picking up work, please pick up the packet in Mrs. McGraw’s bin that has the student’s name on it. If your child goes to another teacher for reading, math, science and/or social studies, please pick up a packet for the student’s grade level in addition to Mrs. McGraw’s packet. Please reach out to me if you are unable to pick up the packet from school.

         Be sure to send me a picture of any paper work that the student has completed. I will be able to get grades from all the work that is completed on the computer.

         Fifth-grade students only: Please send me the student’s t-shirt size. I need to have this information to Mrs. Brodie by Tuesday. The size will be used to order fifth-grade graduation t-shirts.

         Everybody, please reply to this text so that I know you received this information. Thanks!

          I am missing everyone very much. Please reach out to me if you would like help with lessons or if the student just wants to talk. This can be over the phone or via Zoom. I am here for you.

         This week is Spirit Week. Every day, send Mrs. McGraw a picture of the student showing his/her spirit. Pictures may also be posted on Google Classroom or on Twitter using the hashtag #SWESpiritWeek. Please be aware that all submitted pictures may be posted to Mrs. McGraw’s website.

         Spirit Week:

    Monday – Post a picture of you and your siblings, pets or both

    Tuesday – Post a picture celebrating PJ Day

    Wednesday – Post a picture of you in your superhero outfit

    Thursday – Post a picture of you in your wackiest, tackiest outfit

    Friday – Post a picture of you in our school colors or shirt


        This week's assignments include:

    Writing: Email or send a picture to Mrs. McGraw of your response to the following prompt. There are many dangerous animals. In your opinion, what is the most dangerous animal. Be sure to give at least two reasons why you think that animal is the most dangerous.

    MyOn: Students are free to choose the book they want to read. Students must read and take the quiz for any book of their choice to receive a grade. Remember, MyOn is a graded reading assignment.

    Here’s to a great week!