• Weekly Expectations (in addition to weekly assignments):

    • 45 minutes iReady Reading with 2 passed lessons
    • 45 minutes iReady Math with 2 passed lessons
    • 20 minutes of reading per day- MyOn, student Reader, or books from home


    1.  This week's phonics focus is the different spellings for the sound /s/.  We have already learned this sound can be spelled 's' and 'ss'.  We are now adding the spellings 'c','ce', and 'se'I have assigned a soft 'c' lesson in IReady that should come up automatically as well as one in Lalilo.  You may want to complete those before doing the below practice worksheets. Do the attached worksheets either in your journal or by printing.  Send me a picture. *

    workbook page 7

    workbook page 15


    2.  Read thstories "Mister Spencer and the Rabbits" and "The Picnic by the River" from Grace beginning opage 5 othe attached file (pg.2 othe book).  

    Skills 6 Reader: Grace

    Answer the questions in your journal or by printing a copy.  Question 2 should be a complete sentence.  Take a picture and send it via email, text, or Dojo. *

    Comprehension Questions



    3.  Lalilo

    Click othe link below and click the log ibutton.  Choose I AM A STUDENT and enter the code ZVVKTW.  Click on Mrs. Hawkins' Class and then click oyour name.  If you haven't already, Please complete the placement test.  complete 3 lessons.





    Math:            MAFS.1.MD.1.1Order three objects by length; compare the lengths of two objects indirectly by using a third object.                                            

    1.  We are working on Measurement this week. 

    Cpalms Zoo School

    Complete the cpalms tutorial and send a picture of the thank you message when you are done.


    Do either of the Think Central assigned lessons on Nonstandard Measurement.


    You are welcome to do all three if you want, but only one is required.


    2.  Go to Brain Pop Jr. brainpop jr 

    user name:  ocala ; password:  springs

    Click on the Math tab, then Measurement, then Nonstandard measurement.  Watch the video and take the easy and hard quizes.  Send a picture of one of your scores.  Next, click on the activity button (scissors) and find objects around your house to match each measurement toolIf you don't have any of the items, find something else to use (remember, they should be the same size).


    3.  Kickstart #30 *

    Kickstart #30

    Complete either by writing your answers on notebook paper or by printing.   


    Example: Day 1




    Social Studies:  

    Through the portal, go to Studies Weekly.  Read the article, answer the questions to earn your coins, and complete the test for Week 29: Jobs People Do*


    Science:  SC.1.E.5.3 Investigate how magnifiers make things appear bigger and help people see things they cannot see without them.

     Click the link below and follow along with the tutorial answering the questions as you go. At the end enter your name when prompted and send me a picture of the certificate that is generated.  You do not need to download or print the certificate.*

    CPalms Magnifiers


    Watch the video from Silver River Museum.

    SRM Video

    Optional:  Make your own magnifying glass and complete the worksheet.


    * A grade will be entered for any assignment marked with an asterisk.